Dancing bear male stripper review, cum shots in the club



The dancing bear and crew are back at the local club today for an afternoon male stripper review with some of the hottest high class ladies in the city.  These chicks just have to get away from their jobs sometimes and relieve the stress by indulging their passion for some hard and free stripper dick.

Love these events and the guys put on quite a show for all the girls if I do say so myself.  Soon the drinks were flowing and the ladies were screaming at the wanton display pf male penis in the room.  One of the ladies we had seen before who works as a lawyer and has an amazing mouth and talented lips which she wraps around one of the buys and lets him face fuck her pretty face.

There was even one blonde secretary who looked to be in her early 20s who was reluctantly dragged along by her female boss but one she saw how these wild stripper parties operate she just couldn’t resist and began sucking sock like there was no tomorrow and with a little bit of encouragement from her boss ended up getting fucked in the middle of the club by one of the strippers.  That was pretty amazing and it just goes to show you the power of dick on what would otherwise be a bunch of stuffy corporate women.

Mission accomplished yet again, well done to the dancing bear!

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Crazy sorority hazing party where girls have a blowjob contest

*Video:sorority hazing video



I love these crazy college girls, especially these hazing videos where the new pledges are made to do all sorts of perverted and humiliating sex acts just so they can join the sorority and be part of the cool group.  This is a hazing video taken from the haze her site where real girls send in sexy videos of new sorority pledges being hazed in the hope that they will win some money.  In this scene they totally degrade the new recruits by make them strip naked and forcing them to kiss their ass!

One of the frat boys is then brought in and they are told they better know how to suck cock so as they watch on each of the girls is forced to give a blowjob to the lucky guy as the sorority sisters taunt them calling them dirty sluts!  The winner at this blowjob party gets her winning prize and is then fucked by the frat boy in front of everyone in the room.


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Drunk party girls and real amateur women having sex with male strippers in the club



You know I was a bartender for 15 years but it seems I was obviously working in the wrong place.  I should have been hanging out with this wild crew of male cfnm strippers, I mean just look at the sort of action these guys get with dirty minded women literally grabbing at their dicks and begging to be fucked.

This is real party sex with all real amateur women filmed in Europe and often times these drunk sex parties end up in wild gangbangs with girls sucking cock and getting fucked in the middle of the dance floor!


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VIP Sex party ends in a wild group sex orgy with horny sluts fucking in public



Have you ever been to a party like this?  These are real VIP parties where we invite the finest babes for a night of wild debauchery and group sex.  Seriously these parties are off the hook, we get porn stars, wannabe porn stars and even hope full actresses looking for a part and hoping to meet a big producer.  And of course we always make sure a few hot and horny sluts are there to loosen the mood amongst the ladies!

Somehow we always manage to turn these get togethers into a mass group sex orgy, yes its a skill.  Check out our latest big bash where my boy fucked this hot blonde on the couch in front of her friends, you just won’t believe the shit we got up to!

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Wild cowgirls stage a party in a barn with male strippers and fuck them

amateur cowgirls flashing their bums for the camera

very hot amateur takes a cum facial from male stripper at a wild drunk sex party


Wow, this was unexpected!  A bunch of cowgirls had arranged a how down in the barn and organized for a group of male strippers to attend, in fact the cfnm strippers were the only men in the room totally surrounded by a wild group of cock hungry females.  The girls had been planning this event for ages and really let loose when the festivities began and the strippers got their cocks out.

They cow girls already had the plan to film the drunk sex party and were determined to win the cash on offer but what I really couldn’t get over was just how hot the girl was who hogged all the dick for herself and fucked the stripper in front of all her friends and even opened her mouth wide for the male strippers load of sperm all over her face and tongue!  Truly amazing footage of incredible party sex girls, not to be missed.


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Sexy clothed milfs giving blowjobs to male strippers at ladies only parties

sexy clothed milf giving male stripper a blowjob


There is just something I love about watching clothed females giving blowjobs and thanks to subscription to the dancing bear cfnm site I get to watch plenty of them.  It’s basically a adults only site devoted to videos of male strippers getting blowjobs and sometimes having sex with random ladies at bachelorette parties and girls only events.

This is sometimes referred to as cfnm which stands for clothed female naked male which is usually either reality style like in the picture above or story driven revolving around submissive men being made to strip for perverted women and jerked off or sometimes given a blowjob while they are in total control and usually fully clothed.

Personally I prefer the drunk party reality style where real girls go wild for male strippers and basically molest them and fight for the chance to suck on their cocks.  Some of this action is real and some is obviously staged but it can be hard to tell.  Either way its hot as hell abd I just can’t get enough.

horny drunk lady lets male stripper cum on her face

Come and see the fun the boys have at these ladies only parties.

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College coeds enter competition on who can make the hottest homemade sex tape



These days it seems like every celebrity has some sort of sex tape out and what happens when such a scandal occurs?  It only increases their fame and makes millions of impressionable kids want to follow them.  Well this bunch of coed fuckers don’t think the celebs should have all the fun so why can’t they make their won sex tape and cash in on a little of the action themselves.

Two groups at this college decide to do just that with the idea of sending in their sexy video to college rules which if they win will pay them 10000 dollars and get them that little bit closer to being famous.  with one of their friends filming 2 groups go at it putting on the best and sexiest show they can with one group getting into an all out orgy while another group of girls engage in some lesbian college pussy licking  before some really hot one on one fucking.  This is college dorm room sex at its best and one hell of a fuck party.

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Crazy party sex girls get fucked by black male stripper at hotel cocktail party

blonde drunk slut gets fucked by black male stripper as her friends watch

*Video:drunk sluts fucked by strippers in front of her friends



The girls at this drunk sex party have no shame when a bunch of male strippers enter the room and after a few drinks and the sight of naked males penis on display their inhibitions fly out the window and they begin to latch onto the nude cfnm strippers in the room.

Often you see women sucking strippers off at these male stripper reviews but today things went to another level as one slut demanded more action from a well hung black stripper.  With all her friends watching every detail she took off her panties and bent over for the luck guy to enter her pussy and loved every minute of.  It seems the shock of her friends looking at her fucking in front of them was a huge turn on for her and how they cheered when he shot his cum over her.  These party sex girls are off the hook crazy and sexy as hell!


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Beer pong at college party ends in group sex and the losers giving blowjobs to the winners



Have you ever played beer pong?  It’s a popular drinking game where the idea is to bounce ping pong balls into cups.  I remember my days in college playing this game but the crazy group of college kids in this video have taken the game and added a sexy twist of their own.  Instead of drinking the loser has to either flash, showing some tits or ass or even getting a spanking on their bare ass and one of the girls even ends up sucking on some dick.

University and dorm room life is just crazy out of control these days and I’m always hearing about some of the mental stuff some pledges have to go through during sorority hazing initiations and such but even your average college party now seems to involve nude girls and often public sex.

So glad I caught this submission to the college rules site where after losing a game of beer pong the ladies end up stripping for the frat boys and one of these sorority sluts even gets fucked in front of the whole group, giving a great blowjob while she is cheered on.  To top it off there was 2 horny and just a little bit drunk ladies who took one of the freshmen fraternity guys into one of the bedroom and double teamed him taking turns to ride on his cock,  Im sure this dude just couldn’t believe his luck and man these girls were hot as all fuck too.  I do admit though im a little jealous at not getting any of this hot action during my dorm room days.

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Dancing bear strippers at a birthday party and giving the birthday girl some cum on her face



These guys are so lucky but that is the life  of a male stripper and the dancing bear and co have become so popular among the ladies that they are booked out for months with the ladies forced to wait for their turn to suck on out famous male strippers dicks.

The girls at this birthday party made the most of their time with our guys however even though the birthday party girl did hog most of the cock but that wasn’t really a bad thing as she was cute as a button and really had some amazing blowjob skills.  She got her birthday wish today and it cam from the black male stripper in our group who showered her pretty little face with a heap of cum leaving her with a messy cum facial as  a present!   She seemed to be well satisfied and her friends were suitably jealous!


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